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I have created this site for all of the regulars it's to show you lots of pictures and provide diverse informations about the places where I have been. We can upload pictures and stories after our get togethers.

All you need to do is e-mail me any pictures, stories or reports and I will place them all here for the world to see.

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World Time

Welcome to Yorkey's Web Site

Danish National Team

Professional football was not introduced in Denmark until 1978, where most leading clubs turned semi-pro. Brøndby IF were the first Danish club to turn fully professional in 1986.

Denmark's new generation rising

Of all the Scandinavian nations, Denmark's football traditions stretch back the furthest. The Danish Football Association, founded in 1889, is one of the world's oldest.

Danes make impact on global stage

Ebbe Schwartz of Denmark was the first President of UEFA in 1954.


Best remembered for their dream team of the 1980s and the side which earned a shock victory at the 1992 UEFA European Championship in Sweden, the Danes pride themselves on being a well-organised outfit who rise to the big occasion.

The best places in the World
Rio de Janeiro   
New York   
Rio de Janeiro   

Rio Pan American Games 2007

Rio de Janeiro’s beauties are famous all over the world: beaches, Carnival, the planet’s largest urban forest. These are privileges enjoyed only by this city that is the second largest Brazilian metropolis, with more than five million inhabitants.

There’s more to Rio, though. On each curve between the ocean and the mountains a new corner can be found, explaining the reasons for this city being unforgettable. And such reasons also fascinate every year two million foreign tourists including myself and more than five million Brazilian tourists.


Since long ago Rio de Janeiro proudly holds the title of a city that receives its visitors with open arms. Its talent for tourism is unquestionable, for this naturally beautiful city has infrastructure for hosting all kinds of events and a hotel network capable of pleasing the most demanding guests.

For all these reasons, Rio was considered the “World Capital of Courtesy” after surveys carried out made by the Universities of Michigan and California.

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